My Pitches

These are my pitches of the feature length projects I am working on. I will specify with each title which medium and genre they each sit in. If you wish to inquire about any of the projects, please feel free to email me.

International Protection Service – Feature Film (Thriller)

Logline – A young Autistic Spy has seventy-two hours to locate her imprisoned family held by an avenging murderer.

Bargaining Chip – Feature Film (Thriller)

Logline – A CEO’s daughter is kidnapped, forcing her to turn the tables as the ransom demand goes unanswered.

The Medo Puzzle – Novel (Science Fiction/Fantasy)

Blurb – Medo Aevangel is one of the last remaining humans not under the trance of the invading Argoonians. Determined to find the truth about what happened to her parents, she goes on the hunt to find out the truth. Only what she doesn’t realise is her Autism keeps her immune to the Argoonians’ abilities.

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